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This book is great for outlining some of the key points to being successful as a federal contractor. Dan writes in an easy to read format and includes exercises to complete as you go. If you want to learn about selling to the government, this is the book to start with. Can't wait till Dan writes another!
Love the content, love the insight, love the book. A great read for anyone needing direction on how to build their business through federal contracting.
This book will help you prepare your business for the shift in marketing while also addressing the problems many business are now facing
Open the Door to a New Revenue Stream
My goal with this book is to have it make a positive impact on your business by opening the door to a new revenue stream. This stream has been tested multiple times and is the only recession-proof insurance policy that I have found.
This revenue stream is the U.S. Federal government.

They spend about $500 billion annually on goods and services. Of this, 23 percent, or roughly $125 billion is set aside exclusively for small businesses.
When the government deals with small businesses they often have to search for those that can meet their needs, and often these businesses receive awards at high profits margins, due to limited competition.

The government also is not allowed to buy everything on Amazon or the next big trend since it’s required to split work among small businesses. This creates an opportunity for a small business, allowing them to have stable revenue with the only true recession-proof vendor in the world.
The real question now is how do you tap this market?
This book is going to give you the secrets that I have uncovered over the last ten years of my life as I’ve worked to grow U.S. Federal Contractor Registration, Inc. (USFCR), into the world’s largest third-party registration firm. I have worked in every position at the company and have learned things that no one ever could learn without this hands-on experience. I went to grad school at the University of Tampa and consulted Fortune 500 businesses, but nothing I learned there was worth teaching. 
The things I have seen during my tenure with this company and the excellent team of people there still amazes me. We have taken businesses that invested their last $5,000 and turned them into dominant players in the government space.
meet the master behind the book
Dan Driscoll
Dan Driscoll has worked with US Federal Contractor Registration since 2010. Dan believes in holding himself and everyone at USFCR to the highest standards. He believes that the pursuit of excellence is the only pursuit worth pursuing. Every day Dan is Grateful that he gets to work with such a great group of people, doing what he loves.
This book will put you on the fast-track to government contracting success. The strategies alone are worth thousands of dollars in consulting fees. Now is the time to grab it before this offer is gone!
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